Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Welcome to Living Power Exchange

A group of us have decided to start a new blog.  We figured between the group of us we have a pretty diverse outlook, interests (Kinky and otherwise) and experience so there should be no shortage of things to post..  Most importantly we all have the desire to share our journey and experiences as we are living a life style of power exchange.

So lets start with breaking things down by the numbers.

  • 5 Friends
  • 2 Households
  • 3 Women
  • 2 Men
  • 1 Straight
  • 1 Lesbian
  • 1 Bi-Curious
  • 2 Bi-Sexual
  • 2 Masters
  • 2 Slaves
  • 1 Submissive
  • 2 Daddies
  • 2 Littles
  • 1 Switch
  • 6 Crops
  • 2 Pig Whips
  • 1 Buggy Whip
  • 500 Feet of Rope (Roughly)
  • 1 Poly Household
  • 1 MAsT Group
  • And combined more years in kink then any of us care to admit
There is some amount of over lap in the above list but I think it paints a pretty good picture of who we are in broad strokes.  I've deliberately left out names and other personal information.  This way everyone can introduce themselves and share there own stories.

Welcome to our blog we hope you enjoy what you read and we encourage you to comment.

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