Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Finding what you need….

For more than 20 years I (Master Yang) was in a vanilla relationship where something was always missing. No matter what steps I took I could not fill a void that existed there. When that relationship finally died and I was no longer looking for another one I met someone (slave yin) that changed everything. That was nine years ago and although there was a few hurdles to overcome which included an age difference (not our issue…others’ issue). We started vanilla and quickly discovered that we both wanted something else, something more. At first it was role plays and some light bondage but then we discovered the Power Exchange and things really got interesting.

We have been involved in a Power Exchange relationship in one form or another for about 7 years. As our relationship grew, changed and developed, we met a variety of people who shared a similar belief in the Power Exchange. The road was not always easy, there were several bumps along the way, some experimenting on what we wanted, we made some great friends and lost some along the way. Change is just a part of life… people change… sometimes you outgrow them and sometimes you realize that they are not who you want in your life. Hell you may not be what you thought or maybe you changed or discovered what you were missing. Either way we ended up where we are now… Master and slave. For me, that void was filled by the lifestyle that we have chosen to lead.  The base of our relationship is Power Exchange and BDSM is how we play.

Our Power Exchange relationship is 24/7; we are a married couple who believe strongly in monogamy. As a Master I feel that slave yin more than meets my needs and expectations. Have we discussed adding another party at times? Yes but only in a service oriented way to assist with the House duties when we both work.

Over the past few years we have been fortunate to build a solid base of friends, who also live as Master and slave. The one issue that did arise was the closest couple lived 11 hours away for the better part of the year. As a group we all get together twice a year and sometimes a few of us get together more often. When we are together the Power Exchange is more focused, more present than it is in day-to-day life. When apart there was almost an event drop that occurred for a short time and a longing for more focus. Our desire to share our lifestyle with people closer to home is what made us become more involved in the Winnipeg scene. It was our desire to meet people, who share similar interests and belief in the Power Exchange relationship that led us to form a MAsT Chapter in Winnipeg. For more on MAsT see their website mast.net.

MAsT Winnipeg is closing in on the one year mark and experiencing a solid base and growth. It is also how we have been able to meet a more localized base of friends that share in the Master/slave lifestyle. These friends coupled with others who are involved in other Power Exchange relationships have helped us learn and grow over the last year. Our knowledge of Power Exchange relationships is constantly growing and our knowledge and understanding of other forms such as Daddy/babygirl is greatly improved.

Both of us are grateful for the friends we have made over the last year and want to thank them for inviting us into their lives.  We hope that our friendships will continue to deepen and grow over the time regardless of what life may throw at us.

Master Yang & slave yin

Saturday, 21 June 2014

My Rules

Well, here I am writing my first blog post, so I figured I'd write what I know, my rules. Here is a list of my rules:

1) I must respect Master, calling him Master or Daddy, depending on the situation. If we are in public, I may use his first name.

2) I must ask permission to masturbate, unless needed to calm my restless leg syndrome in order to sleep, in which case I need to tell Master in the morning

3) I must ask permission to cum

4) I must ask permission for treats & sweets

5) I must track all food & exercise in My Fitness Pal

6) I must make my bed & Master's bed in the morning

7) I must journal every night before bed

8) Bedtime is 11pm, unless Master says otherwise

9) When arriving home, I am to greet Master in present position, when possible.

I have mostly gotten used to my rules, as they have been in place for a while now. The sweets & treats one can be difficult, especially when I'm not with Daddy, so he has given me standing permission to have one sweet or treat when I can't get a hold of him. This gives me the leeway to have something sweet, but stops me from going overboard.

There are consequences to breaking a rule, anything from writing lines to spankings. The punishment I dislike most though is when Daddy makes me stand holding a quarter with my nose to the wall. Not fun!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

TPE doesn't always mean what you think

So we started this blog at an odd time of year for us.  Traditionally May and June is the time when our household travels to three different science fiction & fantasy conventions.  One in our home city and two out of town and we stay at hotels for all three.  All of this can crank the stress on any relationship up to 10 and a kink/poly one isn't any different. This year to make matters more exciting we have increased the number of conventions from three to five.  As gluttons for punishment/adventure we throw in a bonus trip to Fargo and publish a brand new board game.  So right from the first trip at the start of May we started to look at ways to encourage and develop our TPE, or Travel Power Exchange.

As a household we have a few rules about greetings and things that happen when we return to the house.  So the first thing we did was designate our room as our home.  Any rules that applied to our house would apply to our room, be that in a hotel or when we stay at our publishers house.

We complicate this further by the fact that in my agreement with tamile all aspects of business we are equals and protocols do not come into effect.  So we can go from having a business meeting with publishers or distributors or artists to going to our room to have some private time the switch can be difficult for my girl and also for my baby girl as there is a perceived disparage in how things are done.

In many ways the level of our protocols bounce around all weekend along.  It forces us to learn to adapt to new situations quickly.  We have also found that if we take the time focus on our power exchange from time to time over the weekend those extra moments become that much more special to all of us.  The other thing that we have found helpful at the convention is working on small signs of submission that can be done on and off all through the weekend.  Here are a few quick examples:

  • Pushing buttons as required on elevators and opening doors.
  • Going to get things and run other errands as required
  • The way food and snacks are collected
Well so far so good, we are two trips and and have the next convention this coming weekend.  

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Welcome to Living Power Exchange

A group of us have decided to start a new blog.  We figured between the group of us we have a pretty diverse outlook, interests (Kinky and otherwise) and experience so there should be no shortage of things to post..  Most importantly we all have the desire to share our journey and experiences as we are living a life style of power exchange.

So lets start with breaking things down by the numbers.

  • 5 Friends
  • 2 Households
  • 3 Women
  • 2 Men
  • 1 Straight
  • 1 Lesbian
  • 1 Bi-Curious
  • 2 Bi-Sexual
  • 2 Masters
  • 2 Slaves
  • 1 Submissive
  • 2 Daddies
  • 2 Littles
  • 1 Switch
  • 6 Crops
  • 2 Pig Whips
  • 1 Buggy Whip
  • 500 Feet of Rope (Roughly)
  • 1 Poly Household
  • 1 MAsT Group
  • And combined more years in kink then any of us care to admit
There is some amount of over lap in the above list but I think it paints a pretty good picture of who we are in broad strokes.  I've deliberately left out names and other personal information.  This way everyone can introduce themselves and share there own stories.

Welcome to our blog we hope you enjoy what you read and we encourage you to comment.