Saturday, 21 June 2014

My Rules

Well, here I am writing my first blog post, so I figured I'd write what I know, my rules. Here is a list of my rules:

1) I must respect Master, calling him Master or Daddy, depending on the situation. If we are in public, I may use his first name.

2) I must ask permission to masturbate, unless needed to calm my restless leg syndrome in order to sleep, in which case I need to tell Master in the morning

3) I must ask permission to cum

4) I must ask permission for treats & sweets

5) I must track all food & exercise in My Fitness Pal

6) I must make my bed & Master's bed in the morning

7) I must journal every night before bed

8) Bedtime is 11pm, unless Master says otherwise

9) When arriving home, I am to greet Master in present position, when possible.

I have mostly gotten used to my rules, as they have been in place for a while now. The sweets & treats one can be difficult, especially when I'm not with Daddy, so he has given me standing permission to have one sweet or treat when I can't get a hold of him. This gives me the leeway to have something sweet, but stops me from going overboard.

There are consequences to breaking a rule, anything from writing lines to spankings. The punishment I dislike most though is when Daddy makes me stand holding a quarter with my nose to the wall. Not fun!!

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